Whether you are employed, self-employed or lead your company, knowing what your financial future looks like is important for what you need to do now. Knowing what options you have to maintain your preferred lifestyle when you retire, whether you can grow the mortgage for your home with your family, what to do to get your kids’ expensive studies together, whether you can get resources together in time to start enjoying your mountain biking plans earlier, or multiple plans at once. So a plan for later, far away or pretty close, will help you make decisions now. Organizing the way to your goal.

Your plan starts with making your “now” clear; your income and expenses, your assets and your debts. This also creates an image of your future. We then check whether your goal can be achieved with your current outlook and behavior or whether you need to take steps. And which steps are best for you and your situation?

Of course, to create that image it matters whether you are employed or not. Being an entrepreneur means that you do not have access to typical employee tools, but that you also get other options. We serve both groups of clients.

Financial plans exist for different purposes. To see if you need to address the risks of death for you, your partner or your company. Or that you want to start transferring your assets to your children or others so that in due course more will reach the beneficiaries and unnecessary taxes are avoided. Or because you want to know from which year you can stop paid work by combining pension rights and other assets. Or because your employer is facing a reorganization and you want to know what the social plan means for you.

If you know what your financial future should look like, you know every step you need to take to achieve it.

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