Whichever way you look at it, your staff is your most important calling card. But the reverse is also true. If people are proud of what their employer stands for, this will also reflect on the company and therefore on you.

Financial Piece Of Mind Talks

We help companies to properly guide their employees to their next step by providing insight into their financial possibilities and translating their situation into concrete consequences for, for example, their lifestyle. Some employers do this within the framework of a generation scheme (working less or no longer working earlier than from retirement date), others offer financial insight in the event of forced departure from an employee due to reorganization. Changing your work situation is a real life event and therefore deserves the right support that we gladly and often offer.

Pension communication

A lot is happening in pension world. We have chosen to focus our pension expertise on the employee. For many, retirement is very abstract and far away; somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55 there is more awareness and often only later action. We like to start on time so that securing a good pension does not become a race against time.

There is a lot going on now for employers in the process of switching or fine-tuning the pension scheme for staff because a previously devised scheme is no longer tenable or for some other reason. When a new scheme has been selected, the next step is “How do I tell my people?” We are good at this: determining, in consultation with your adviser, how the story is conveyed in an accessible manner and in layman’s terms. But also efficient; after all, you also have to keep going.

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