When you die, it is an emotional event with major consequences for your next of kin. Of course you do not want your loved ones to be troubled with financial consequences as a result of your death.

Perhaps matters such as pension and funeral insurance have been arranged. But how is your partner really doing if your (financial) contribution is lost?

It offers a lot of peace of mind to know that you are leaving your loved ones well-groomed. The financial planners of Your Financials can map out the financial consequences of death like no other. Naturally, we include the tax aspects and all the provisions that you have taken out. If it turns out that this does not meet your wishes, we advise you which steps you can take to make sure your wishes are met.

When does this effort make sense?

  • When you own your own home
  • When you are an entrepreneur
  • When you have children
  • When your partner does not work or works part-time
  • When you have a lot of investment capital

The financial planners of Your Financials can map the financial consequences in the event of death.

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