Independent mortgage advice for your first home or the last? The demand for information and advice when purchasing your first home will differ from the demand for information and advice when purchasing your third or your last home. With independent mortgage advice from the financial planners at Your Financials, you are assured of appropriate advice tailored to your personal situation.

Who can you turn to if you are looking for truly independent mortgage advice? Many banks and insurers will only offer you their own products and therefore cannot provide truly independent mortgage advice by definition. The same goes for major insurance companies and internet mortgage lenders.

A low monthly payment or mortgage interest is of course important. Have you ever considered the questions below?

  • Is there an option to repay early?
  • Do you pay a fine when selling the house?
  • Do you now get a discount on the interest and will you be punished when you renew the interest after a number of years because you then are not a new customer?
  • Can you increase the mortgage later at no cost?
  • How reliable is your lender?
  • Is a mortgage from a foreign lender attractive to you?
  • What happens if you become incapacitated for work or lose your job?
  • Can your partner and / or children still live in the house if you unexpectedly die?

And there are many other points that determine the value of the advice you receive.

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