What is your income after your retirement date? What is my partner’s disposable income after my death? Is my retirement income protected against inflation? What consequences will “stamping” by my pension fund have for my personal situation? Your financial planner from Your Financials will be able to answer the above questions for you in a pension advice.

Many people in the Netherlands think that after their retirement date they will receive about 70% of their current income. However, this is almost never the case. Do you know exactly what you will receive when you retire? Is this sufficient or do you have to take measures while it is still possible? Pension advice gives you clear insights!

The pension system in the Netherlands is based on a system of three pillars:

  • You receive state pension from the government, the commencement date shifts with the life expectancy and it is determined by the number of years you work or reside in the Netherlands
  • Pension from your current and / or previous employers
  • Private facilities such as annuity capital that you have accrued yourself

Your own home, savings and investments are often mentioned as the 4th pillar. These provisions are therefore always included in the pension advice by your financial planner at Your Financials.

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