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This is a best efforts but not official translation of the Algemene Voor-waarden v2021; in case of disputes the Dutch (original) version will apply

  1. Your personal data

In order to be able to advise you which financial services fit your situation, we will talk to you. In this conversation we ask you several questions. These questions relate to your knowledge and experience with financial services, your financial situation, such as income, expenses and assets, your wishes and needs as relevant to financial advice and your willingness to bear certain risks yourself or your desire to cover them correctly, for example through insurance.

  1. We handle your data carefully

With the data we receive from you, we handle it carefully. We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from taking note of this information. All our employees have also entered into a non-disclosure agreement with our office.

  1. How do we use the data you receive?

We use the data we receive from you to make an analysis of your financial situation. This will follow our advice on what measures you can take to achieve your desired financial security. This can involve building up your pension, insuring certain risks or obtaining a financing.

Both in the context of drafting this advice and when you ask us to implement parts of this advice, we may need to contact insurers, lenders, expertise agencies, labour experts and others relevant to the implementation of the financial security to be achieved for you.

Insurers and lenders are concerned with the information that these institutions wish to receive in order to determine if and if so under what conditions they wish to make a quote to you for insurance or credit. Expertise agencies are concerned with your contact details and the information needed to assess the value of your property or other assets. Labour experts are concerned with your contact details, so that the employment expert can contact you in the context of an application for disability insurance.

We only disclose the personal data you receive to third parties in the context of the order you give us to carry out certain activities for you. We only pass the data on to these third parties to the extent that they really need this data in order to carry out the work we request for you.

  1. How long do we keep your data?

We do not keep the data for longer than we need it for the work we carry out for you. In the case of financial planning (no mediation), we assume that we have destroyed your data no later than 10 years after the report has been released for you.

The personal data we have received from you in the context of advice and mediation m.b.t. insurance, credits, and/or bank savings products, we destroy in principle 5 years after the products in question, which we have created for you, have ended.

Only if it can reasonably be expected that after those five years there is still any liability, we will retain the right to keep the data for longer.

  1. What are your rights?

You are our customer. So you have the right to determine what data we receive from you or not. But in addition, you have other rights. We summarize these below.

  1. You may always ask us for an overview of the personal data we have about you. We provide you with this overview free of charge.
  1. If you believe that we have incorrectly processed certain information about you in our records, you can ask for correction. We appreciate this very much, because of course we can only do our job well, when the data we work with for you is correct.
  1. If you no longer want us to have certain data registered in our records, you can ask us to delete this information. Of course, in that case we will comply with your request.
  1. We have indicated above how we use the data received from you. If you wish to limit this usage at any time, for example that we may not pass on certain data to a particular organization, please let us know. We will of course comply with this request as well.
  1. If you wish, you can ask us to forward your details to a third party. For example, your accountant, lawyer or bank. Upon receipt of your request, we will make your request as soon as possible.
  1. If we receive personal information from you from third parties, for example from your insurer, accountant, bank or other financial advisors, we will inform you about the source from which we received this information.
  1. What is the situation if you do not give us certain information or limit us in use?

You can compare drawing up good financial advice to creating a puzzle. There are many separate pieces that are all mixed up at the beginning of our work. If we have all the pieces at our disposal, we almost always manage to solve the puzzle and paint you a complete picture.

But if you do not wish to provide us with certain information or restrict our use, we will miss one or more “pieces” of the puzzle. Sometimes this is not insurmountable to be able to sketch a certain final picture. We will then point out that this opinion may have certain holes because we did not have all the information and what the consequences may be for you.

If we lack too much information, we will not be able to draw up responsible advice and will inform you that we cannot carry out our work for you.

  1. Do you have any questions or complaints?

As indicated above, we try to handle your personal data as carefully as possible. Do you have questions about how your personal data is handled within our office? Don’t hesitate and contact us about this. We will then do our best to answer these questions as best we can.

If you have any complaints about the way in which our office has dealt with your personal giving, we would like you to contact the management of our office. We promise you that this complaint will get our attention.

If you remain of the opinion that we have not handled your personal data carefully enough, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority:

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