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  • Disclaimer

This text is a careful practical translation of the Dutch text. In case of discrepancies, ambiguities or word combinations that have a different meaning in another language than that used in the Dutch text, the Dutch text will be decisive.

  • Your personal data

We will have a discussion with you to be able to advise you properly which financial services or financial solutions suit your situation best. In this conversation we ask you several questions. These questions relate to your knowledge of and experience with financial services, your financial situation, such as income, expenses and assets, your wishes and needs as far as relevant to the financial advice and your willingness to bear certain risks yourself or your wish to cover these correctly, for example by means of insurance.

  • We handle your data with care

We handle the information we receive from you carefully. We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to this data. All our employees and temporary professionals we hire have signed a confidentiality agreement with us.

  • How do we use the data received from you?

We use the information we receive from you to analyze your financial situation. If desired, this will result in our advice on what measures you can take to achieve the financial situation you require, strive for or need, as the case may be. This may relate to the accrual of your pension, insuring certain risks or obtaining financing.

Both in the context of drawing up this advice and when you ask us to implement parts of this advice, we may have to contact insurers, lenders, expertise bureaus, labour experts and others who are relevant in the implementation of the for you realize financial security.

In the case of insurers and lenders, this concerns the data that these institutions wish to receive in order to determine whether and, if so, under what conditions they wish to submit an offer to you for insurance, credit or asset management service. With expert firms, this concerns your contact details and the data necessary to be able to appraise the value of your property or other assets. In the case of employment experts, this concerns your contact details, so that the employment expert can contact you in the context of an application for disability insurance.

We only pass on the personal data received from you to third parties in the context of the assignment you have given us to perform certain work for you. We only pass on the data to these third parties insofar as they really need this data to perform the work requested by us for you.

  • How long do we keep your data?

We do not keep the data longer than we need it for the work we perform for you. In financial planning (no mediation) we assume that we have destroyed your data no later than 7 years after the report has been issued for you.

In principle, we destroy the personal data that we have received from you in the context of advice and mediation with regard to insurance, credit and/or bank savings or investment management products 5 years after the relevant products that we have created for you have ended.

Only if it can reasonably be expected that after those five years there will still be any liability, do we reserve the right to keep the data longer.

  • What are your rights?

You are our customer. So you have the right to determine which data we receive from you or not. But you also have other rights. We summarize these below.

  • You may always ask us for an overview of the personal data we have about you. We will provide you with this overview free of charge.
  • If you believe that we have incorrectly processed certain information about you in our records, you can request correction. We appreciate this very much, because of course we can only do our job properly if the information we use for you is correct.
  • If you no longer want us to have certain data registered in our administration, you can request us to delete this data. In that case we will of course comply with your request.
  • We have indicated above how we use the data received from you. If you wish to limit this use at any time, for example that we are not allowed to pass on certain data to a certain organization, please let us know. We will of course also comply with this request.
  • If you wish, you can ask us to forward your details to a third party. For example your accountant, lawyer or bank. After receiving your request, we will implement your request as soon as possible.
  • If we receive personal information from you from third parties, for example from your insurer, accountant, bank or other financial advisers, we will inform you of the source from which we received this information.
  • What if you do not provide us with certain information or limit our use?

Drafting good financial advice can be compared to making a puzzle. There are many separate pieces all mixed up at the start of our work. When we have all the pieces at our disposal, we almost always manage to solve the puzzle and paint you a complete picture.

However, if you do not wish to provide us with certain information or impose restrictions on our use, we will miss one or more “pieces” of the puzzle. Sometimes that is not insurmountable in order to be able to sketch you a certain final picture. We will point out, however, that there may be certain gaps in this advice because we did not have all the information available and what the consequences could be for you.

If we miss too much information, we will not be able to provide responsible advice and we will inform you that we cannot perform our work for you.

  • Do you have any questions or complaints?

As indicated above, we try to handle your personal data as carefully as possible. Do you have questions about the way in which your personal data is handled within our office? Do not hesitate and contact us about this. We will then do our best to answer these questions as well as possible.

If you have complaints about the way in which our office has handled your personal data, we would like you to contact the management of our office about this. We promise that this complaint will receive our attention.

If you still believe that we have not handled your personal data carefully enough, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority:

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