Financial expertise that works for you, since 2008!!

We test the financial feasibility of challenges life throws at you,
the optimal way to get there and ensure the realization of the solution
(through guidance or mediation). We listen, ask the right questions
and get our energy from the visible relief from our client that his
issue has been resolved.

Call Mario van Teijlingen in Leiden: (+31) 6 29550691

Call Mario van Teijlingen in Leiden: (+31) 6 29550691
Jan van der Wel in ‘t Gooi: (+31) 6 10210875

We also work remotely via Zoom, Teams or Skype.

Looking for help?

Advice for yourself

Whether you are employed, self-employed or lead your company, knowing what your financial future looks like is important for what you need to do now. Knowing what options you have and what you need to do, and whether you can get the resources together in time to start enjoying your plans sooner. So a plan for later, far away or pretty close, will help you make decisions now. Organizing the way to your goal.

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Solutions for yourself

We also mediate in the realization of financial solutions for your mortgage, investments, pension and life insurance. It is not the specialism with which we started, but because clients asked to “arrange” the recommended solutions, an active practice in solutions has developed over the years.

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Advice for your staff

We help companies to properly guide their employees to their next step by providing insight into their financial possibilities and translating their situation into concrete consequences for, for example, their lifestyle. Some employers have a generation scheme, others offer financial insight in the event of forced departure from an employee due to reorganization.

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At your service

At Your Financials, Jan van der Wel and Mario van Teijlingen work together to support people improving their financial plans.

Our lives contain many financial crossroads, events that we choose or happen to us, with major and/or long-lasting financial consequences. Independent financial advice can provide reliable overview and insight to help you cross those financial crossroads responsibly.

The next step after insight is realizing the solution to realize the financial wish sustainably.

Overview, insight, guidance towards implementation.

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