How do we work

The first contact is often short and focused on exploring your situation and your question. Who are you, how can we help you, what is your situation?  The result is usually an appointment, preferably in person, but it can also be done “behind the camera” with Teams, Zoom or Skype.

We then agree on our assignment, what result we are working towards and what compensation we ask for this.

Then we get to work on the content. We try to get to know you well without asking unnecessary questions or asking for unnecessary supporting documents. We give an estimate of the time we need and keep you informed of progress. We develop the advice with actions and solution options.

Hoe doen we het - Jan

Next steps

Do you want us to implement the solution as well? That is excellent of course! We are dealing with an independent regulator that sets requirements for the way in which we have to perform some services.

That is why we make additional agreements and then immediately get to work to arrange what needs to be done.

Want to find out more?

Would you like to get to know us, no strings? Please reach out to us to discuss possibilities