Our Promise

We think we are the best proof for the concept “small is beautiful”. We put the client first, and did so even before politicians thought 15 years ago that the financial sector should do that.

We look at the long-term interest, set up the relationship with clients accordingly, make windfalls possible and try to prevent setbacks. In the meantime, we are improving the way we run our business so that in addition to excellent service, we are also careful with the planet with concrete actions and principles. How?

Responsible use of natural resources

For clients


  • Selected partners offer financing for making homes more sustainable
  • Usefulness and necessity of home efficiency part of the conversation
  •  First a plan, then the solution


  • Periodic selection of suitable offerings variety in degree of sustainability, returns, pricing, investment solutions
  • Greener, more social, more inclusive where desired, we have product
  • Not a “choice for life”; Modifications possible at an acceptable cost

Operating Your Financials


  • 90+% of travel distance for visits to clients and business partners with existing hybrid cars and public transport
  • Digital if possible, physical if necessary means less printing, also internally

Efficient locations keep rates lower

  • Getting to know each other and many follow-up conversations “behind the camera” leads to less time and costs

Accessible services

For clients


Effective and cost-conscious

  • Say what you do and do what you promise; clear communication, clear process, efficient technology
  • Hourly rate often more interesting than unit price. Clarity upfront

Attention to safety

  • Communication and exchange of documentation can be done outside email servers
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Supervised by AFM

Operating Your Financials


  • 44% female and 56% male clients since 2017
  • Advice in plain language
  • Clients from the Netherlands and far beyond, of all ages

All attention for clients

  • No “targets”
  • Only clients pay us
  • We share knowledge via the website and with a newsletter

Transparent business operations

For clients



  • First summary conversation, then clear agreement and all the “fine print” before we start

Operating Your Financials

Moderate remuneration policy

  • Rates aimed at covering controlled costs and reasonable compensation, are among the lowest in the market

Want to find out more?

Would you like to get to know us, no strings? Please reach out to us to discuss possibilities