We like to be clear about your investment (because that is what it is) in your financial future.

Affordable service is our starting point. We also show this in comparison with other service providers in our market. In 2024, the hourly rate for private individuals will be €165 including VAT and for entrepreneurs €156 excluding VAT. In principle, our wealth advisory fee is determined by the number of hours estimated in advance and multiplied by the hourly rate. There are exceptions to this for which customization is agreed in advance.

  • Mediation of mortgages and life insurance is exempt from VAT.
  • It is possible to make a fixed price agreement if the situation permits.
  • Financial advice is not cheap, but good advice pays for itself quickly.
  • If our services have a business character, the company can treat our invoice as (tax deductible) operating expenses.
  • For private clients, costs for advice and mediation of the mortgage for the owner-occupied home are tax deductible provided that the mediated mortgage also takes place.
  • Brokerage fees paid to us for immediately paying annuity products are tax-deductible for individuals. We recommend that these costs be stated in the Dutch tax return form under “ Betaalde bedragen voor een lijfrente” (amounts paid for an annuity) and, if applicable, add the fee to the premiums paid for the annuity.
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