Rights restoration Box 3

5 September 2022

I have good news if you pay wealth tax in the Netherlands and non-Dutch assets are part of your wealth. You know that the way in which tax on capital is levied here needs to be adjusted. The plans have not yet been fully worked out, but if your tax assessment for the years 2017 to 2021 has not yet been definitively determined, you will receive “restoration of rights”. Many people with wealth can expect a tax refund.
There was an error in the way it was calculated and it has now been removed with an official decision. This concerns people with assets abroad, such as a holiday home. Or expats with assets in their country of origin.
Also nice is that you do not have to take any action; if you have declared foreign assets in your tax return, you will receive a message from the tax authorities. And a correct tax assessment.
That’s good to know!

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