We are more vulnerable than we feel comfortable about

4 January 2021

We will not soon forget the year behind us. An invisible virus has radically changed our lives. Collateral disappeared. Much suffering unexpectedly came our way. With the advent of a vaccine, we dare to look ahead carefully again. As a financial advisor, we are also thinking about tomorrow. About what we, in our field, can learn from the past period and with which we can help you in the future.

Our homes are more important than we thought

The term “home” has taken on a different meaning for many people. It was where we felt somewhat safe from the virus. Where we spent many more hours than before. Maybe this has made us look at “our home” with different eyes, which has changed our housing preferences? Undoubtedly, you will see all kinds of options. Moving away? Remodel? Each choice has financial consequences in addition to its pros and cons. We can help you to clearly visualize those consequences, so that you can make a choice that is well suited to your wishes and possibilities.

We realize even more that we only have one planet

In the past period, the realization that we need to be more economical with our living environment has increased significantly. Because we work more from home, most of us drove fewer car miles last year. And that immediately resulted in less CO2 emissions. Good for the environment! Our behaviour has changed. And once this COVID-19 period is behind us, we will undoubtedly work from home more than before the pandemic. But we are also seeing more and more attention for the way in which, for example, pension assets or savings premiums are invested. Do we want to invest in companies that make weapons? Or invest in companies responsible for deforestation? Or invest in companies where child labour is still a reality. We see that our customers are becoming more critical. Here too we can help to choose financial institutions that pursue a socially responsible investment policy.

Financial reserves are limited

Not everyone has considered the drastic steps and their consequences we are now experiencing. For many, income has come to a complete standstill or much less than they were used to. We thought we had saved, but that turned out to be insufficient in this special time. Of course we hope not to experience a lockdown again. But we know that something like this can happen again and that it is a comforting thought to have something more to fall back on. Of course that is easier said than done. As financial advisors, we can provide you with useful tips that can ensure that you get a little more financial flexibility.

We are more vulnerable than we want to

Please do something with your questions

In times of uncertainty, people have many questions. Questions like:

Lots of questions. Our advice: don’t keep walking around with these.

  • Can I still buy a house now?
  • What if I lose my job?
  • Suppose that I temporarily cannot pay the mortgage, what then?
  • What if one of us falls ill or dies?

We are your financial advisor. We are also there for you in these difficult times. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the answers to your questions.

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