Are you sure how much pension income you will receive?

We often think that buying a house is the biggest financial expense people have in their lives. That is not true. Usually, the pension involves a (much) larger amount than with the purchase of a house. But in our daily life the pension subject does not get the attention it deserves.

Income from much of your life

Better health care, nutrition and living environment will increase the average life expectancy of people in the Netherlands. So we are getting older. And that means that for an increasingly longer period of time for our income we become dependent on income other than income from labor.

The basis of income after retirement is a benefit under the General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW). Every resident of the Netherlands is entitled to this. This benefit used to start when someone turned 65. The starting date of the AOW has been shifting for a few years on the basis of developments in life expectancy. As a result, the benefit over the years begins at an increasingly later moment in someone’s life. For example, for people born after December 31, 1957, the age of entry into the AOW is already 67 years.

Insight into your income after retirement

Many people do not have a good idea of ​​the income they can count on when they retire. This is mainly because, in addition to the AOW benefit, many people are also entitled to a pension benefit that they have built up with their employer(s). Do you actually know what your income will be when you retire?

The government considers it important that everyone has a good insight into their future income. The website has been developed to help you with this. You will find clear information about your own pension situation here. You should see when your AOW benefit starts, but also which pension you have built up with which employer. And when these pensions are paid out. You will also see what all these different benefits are expected to mean in your case on the retirement date and upon your death.

It is known that a high percentage of people who are relatively close to their retirement date visit this site. For example, a recent survey shows that as many as 71% of people age 56 or older have visited this site in the past year. Conversely, it can be seen that the older the retirement age, the fewer people visit the site. In the 20-35 age group, only 30% have visited this site in the past year.

The sooner the better!

You can make many choices when it comes to your pension. For example, about the desired level of the pension income. Or the age at which you want to start the pension. But also whether you want to keep the amount of the benefit the same over the years. Or would you prefer a higher benefit in the first years than in the years after? You can also make various choices about the financial security for a possible partner.

Shall we go over your pension situation together?

Despite the information on, many people still find it difficult to gain a good insight into what they can really expect in income when they retire. And that is important, for example, to know whether you can still bear the costs of your own home after retirement.We would like to help you gain a good insight into what you can expect in the future. The sooner you have this information, the more options you have to make adjustments now so that you can make your wishes for later possible. Do you think this insight is valuable for you and your partner, if any? Then contact us. We like to help you!

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