Why we like to stay in touch on a regular basis

4 December 2020

We strive for long-term relationships with the clients. We are also in regular contact with each other. Why? We are happy to explain that to you here.

We are your advocate in the field of financial services

We are independent. This means that we are free in the advice we give to our customers. We are therefore not obliged to advise a particular insurer or bank. Even if a difference of opinion arises with a bank or insurer, we are there for you to represent your interests as well as possible at these institutions.

Do you know that full shed or that full attic?

You probably know that. A shed or cluttered attic where you can put all the things that you no longer need. And that is fine, until it is full. Then there comes a time when you think, now I’m going to clean it up. You throw away things you no longer use. You will find things that have been out of sight for a while. And then everything is back where it should. You can find everything again and can access everything. That gives you a satisfied feeling. But a year later? Exactly, then you can start again.

We also clean up

When we first sit down with a client, we often encounter a situation where “not everything is in order”. Certain risks are not insured, other risks are double insured. Insufficient use is made of existing tax schemes and prior chosen solutions no longer fit the plan. Just like you in that shed or that attic that has slowly but surely become fuller, we are going to clean up. And when we are done, everything will be right again.

What can happen when we are gone again?

When we have completed our work, an exciting process actually begins immediately. Everything that we have brought together so neatly does not fit in well over time. We give a number of examples that we deal with every day.

• The pension scheme with your employer will be adjusted;
• The agreed ratio between your investments deviates from the plan;
• Your insurance policy is paid out; should something happen to the mortgage?
• One of your children is going to leave your home for a study;
• You purchase more expensive items for your house.

And so there are numerous other things that arise in almost every family over time that affect the package of financial services. For that reason we would like to keep in regular contact with you. Simply to ensure that all financial services for which we act as your advisor are in line with your now changed situation.

Total picture and collaboration

We can be of service to you best if we have a complete picture of all financial services as you have taken out. We can then properly assess whether those services fit together seamlessly.

It is also important that you inform us if you make any adjustments to your financial products yourself. Banks often make it very easy, for example, to directly repay part of the mortgage loan. Sometimes a voluntary repayment means that you are entitled to a reduction in the mortgage interest. One bank will do that automatically. You must explicitly request this at the other bank. But if you do not know that you are entitled to a discount on the interest, then do not ask that question. We will. But only if we know that you have made or will make an extra repayment.

You understand, that’s why we like to speak to you regularly!

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