12 November 2019

Someone asking this question has certainly taken the effort to listen to you.

I often ask older young people or younger old people whether there is enough income to do the things they want. Of course I ask that question if I have doubts about it.

In case I get the question “why do you ask that?” I often end up answering there is a mismatch of limited expenditures and a big sum trapped in the bricks and mortar of your home. In other words: the money in the home is not available for a more generous life or to spend on the children and/or grandchildren. The people concerned do not make enough effort in my eyes, unless of course they choose to do so.

The favorable housing market, but also the evolving aging of the population, means that more and more financial products and solutions are becoming available to release capital from the home for consumption or, for example, to donate to children or grandchildren.

Not considering that is perhaps a missed opportunity for a “richer” life, or at least a life with more satisfaction.

Your Financials is happy to think along with you on this subject. The reason why has everything to do with our mission as a financial service provider with a heart for our clients.

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