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31 May 2021

Can you have a day without your mobile phone? Or do you already slightly panic if it is missing for a while? The mobile phone is essential in our lives. It  has become our main source of information. Whether it’s checking our bank balance quickly, checking our mail or knowing what the latest news is: we look at our mobile several times in a day to get us informed. On average, we watch 2 hours and 15 minutes daily!  New applications are constantly being added, giving a new reason to look more on our mobile.

Suppliers can reach you more easily

Through your mobile phone, you can easily find information in a wide area and connect with people and companies you want to ask for something. Of course, this also works the other way around. Businesses can of course reach you easily digitally. That’s what they do en masse. They approach consumers of interest directly at a low cost.  Moreover, you are likely to receive daily commercial messages via email and social media that are specifically tailored to your interest.

The shortest way

Many companies, including within the financial sector, spend a lot of money to connect digitally with customers to whom they want to sell a product or service. They often follow the same  pattern: they present the service or product as attractively as possible and as easy as possible with “with one click”. The provision of “the shortest route” is then brought as “convenience” for the consumer.

Do you really need it?

The first question you should ask yourself with such an approach is whether the service offered or the product is really necessary in your situation. With insurance, it may very well be that you have already insured this risk, but as part of another insurance. It is also possible that the insurance contains parts that are no longer relevant to you at all. Of that there are tax rules that make it not wise to close the product as you are told.

Can you compare?

It will not happen so often that supplier A approaches you digitally with the message “we have a very nice product, but, our competitor has an even better product”. The information you get is often one-sided. This is risky, because if you don’t have a good view of which broader information is important to make a good choice, then you also do not actively look for other possibilities.

Sometimes a small detour is wise

The shortest route seems attractive. But sometimes a small detour is wiser. This certainly applies to financial products such as insurance, mortgages and investments. Before you buy anything, let an independent financial advisor advise you. The independent financial advisor looks at which products you really need based on your needs and future plans. This is in fact also required by law.

The financial advisor also has the duty to know the differences in terms and conditions of the various financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, and to advise you on those products and conditions that really suit your situation.

With the financial advisor you will notice that there is real “convenience” when you have a question. You will not have to deal with a “helpdesk” with people you do not know (or worse, a robot). Because you just call your regular contact person or visit him or her at a suitable place.

Our firm is such an independent financial advisory firm. Do you have questions about the financing of your home, insurance or building wealth?  Just give us a call, for example with your mobile. We are happy to help you!

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