An unaware heiress

A new customer came to see me last month. A widow with long-grown and married children. The reason was her wish to use a small part of the equity in her home for donations to children and grandchildren.The first analysis indicated more than enough space; the monthly charge was easily affordable and the space in …

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Communicating pension changes: very rewarding!

In addition to our other activities as financial planner, mortgage adviser and asset adviser, we are regularly involved with employers who change pension systems. Our role is in the first instance that we provide explanations. Individual pension advice is sometimes added to this. We are currently in two stages for a month. Not comparable in …

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Why would you lose your head because of “execution-only”?

Until 2013, the client’s advisor was paid by the mortgage provider from the interest paid by the client. Since then, the client pays a fee for the advice to the consultant. The purpose of this is to increase transparency about the costs of advice and about the costs of the mortgage: customer interest is key. …

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